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Fan made teaser 28.08.2012

Our friendly fun-team made for us a two minute teaser. It is presented in an American comic style with idiosyncratic music effects. Let’s see how AG manifests itself in the future.

AG wallpapers are coming! 14.08.2012

Good news! British Prolevel web developers announce a release of a new set of themed, Armed Gangs game wallpapers. You can download them FREE for desktop devices in different resolutions and sizes. The wallpapers are very attractive and would make a perfect addition to any desktop. All we need to wait for now is the game to be fully developed and released.

1024 x 768       1920 x 1200

Follow the development of the game on Twitter @ArmedGangs

New gangster browser-based strategy game 2.08.2012

Through the efforts of British-based developers from Prolevel a new online browser game development - Armed Gangs - comes into arena.
This game will be of a particular interest to all those willing to take part in gang street battles. Be in the shoes of an ordinary street thief clearing up passengers' pockets in buses or become a goodly, athletic-looking smuggler. You will be able to develop your criminal career by getting involved into bloody fights or contrary - closing cunning deals.
Appreciate the gang atmosphere created by a multitude of guns, grenades, cars and casino as well as a system of group battles and trades.
Undoubtedly, the game promises to be fun and thrilling, easily attracting large numbers of its fans who will be immersed into a stunning graphic design of the browser-based version.

Follow the development of the game on Twitter @ArmedGangs

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