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A Quick Intro

Prolevel - Friendly Web Developers

    Prolevel team of web developers is a web development company based in Yorkshire, UK. We have an extensive expertise in providing quality service in any of the below industries. Approaching each client’s requirement with care and attention, we aim to deliver high standard service and business functionality with an exceptional value for money.
    If you are looking for website development, web based management system, web design and hosting, server setup and many more web related services, then you need look no further - Prolevel Friendly Web Developers is the right company for you!
    At Prolevel we offer unique web system development and best web system solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. This can be
      • online forms,
      • reports,
      • databases,
      • data storages,
      • online system tool or a set of tools.
    It is important to note that you and your clients/employers can have access to any of the above bespoke tools or online systems from any computer which has an Internet connection.

What is Armed Gangs?

    There are gangsters hidden inside of each of us, but harassment and a sense of responsibility restrain us from missteps in the real world. So, now you have an opportunity to be in the shoes of a conventional urban thief pick pocketing in trolleybus, or to become a big, athletic-looking smuggler. You can develop your own criminal career, making a bloody showdown, or, totally opposite - cunning deals.

What do we want to do?
      • Create more game objects.
      • Improve a combat system.
      • Develop a group fight
      • Create a city.
      • Create new real estate.
      • Implement a real estate agency.
      • Implement the economic part of the game.
      • Develop trade economic resources
      • Create a production of articles

    So players will have the opportunity to develop economically game by producing game resources, items, and build houses, shops and factories.

Join us! After all, every day the city will grow and become more expensive real estate!

Thanks a lot everyone!

If you have any question please feel free to contact us via email!