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A story of a different life...


The door of the most suspicious bank in the city opened widely and Kolya confidently stepped outside, got a cheap cigarette from the pack and lit it. Alright, he realised, the deal is done with Pasha and Janis from the North Side- is two grant bribe enough for a smuggled lorry through down town? Not at all! One thing was so bloody annoying, such a pain in the ass is that thing that was hidden in the Fenix’s box!
Simple idiot for such amount of cash would manage support his child for a year, but me the biggest known dealer in the downtown would gamble it all in a night, so fuck it what ever happens, I don’t care much – at least I’ll remember what it is ... BAM!... Well ... this asshole in a jacket is in debt to me for three grant... Well, I have to barge to a pawnshop, fuck, to hock a mobile... That’s alright, the oaf is over there round the corner... We’ll sort it out now. Are there not enough mobiles?!

Two months later, Alex was already driving Mercedes and the team he had was made up of two other peers barely under twenty. All armed with guns and grenades. They had a talisman of newly formed band sat on the dashboard. It was a black kitten called “Barmaley” with a massive gold chain instead of a collar.

Hey ... guys, what’s up?
I promised to find money by the end of the month.
Why drag me to the woods?
I promise I’ll get you everything.
Hey, don’t burn my car! Guys!!!


Jim has already been on the spot!
Wrap around! It’ll be best of all! Yep, that’s ready... Janis, come on! Push! Yeah haaa!!! Volkswagen drove out growlingly with the whole cash machine. Fatty Scandinavians will fail again. They’ll get the cash machine back. Why do we need it? We’ll take a few grant.

Still it’s better to drown this box in a pond. As the saying is – no one is the wiser... Hey, don’t care, our cops certainly aren’t 007 agents...

These are only some of the everyday life pictures of a big city. They are, of course, criminal. There are gangsters hidden inside of each of us, but harassment and a sense of responsibility restrain us from missteps in the real world. So, now you have an opportunity to be in the shoes of a conventional urban thief pick pocketing in trolleybus, or to become a big, athletic-looking smuggler. You can develop your own criminal career, making a bloody showdown, or, totally opposite - cunning deals.

Become a tough and more brutal guy, earn money and respect, and make others shiver at your sight like a thief of a cop or a mouse of a blood-thirsty cat. Perform dozens of missions and fill the boring day at the office.

Casino - a source of wealth, excitement and fun! Furthermore, online casino is also a comfort that you can experience being anywhere: at sea, nature, work or at home. It’s enough to have a laptop or a mobile device at hand to play a casino.

... that’s how I became, who I am today...

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